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    More Comic Plush

    I have no idea why I had the urge to make a baby Rorschach, but here he is. He’s just under 12″ tall. He has a felt fedora, flannel shirt, and purple romper. All of these are removable, not that I would recommend trying to undress Rorschach if you like having fingers. He also has a stuffed puppy, his journal, and a can of beans for lunch. Hrm. Continuing with the comic book stuffies, I made a little Doop for our doggie. (This was mostly Bats’ idea.) Since our dog is fond of tearing the appendages off stuffed toys with wild abandon, I appliqued the little arms. He’s currently covered…

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    Continuing the Meme Quilt

    This was the project for the day. I did all the piecing and put together the blocks for the meme quilt. It’s not going to be big, around 40-50″ wide and 50-60″ long, depending on if I decide to do sashing. The blocks themselves are about 10″ square. Each piece of embroidery got a different contrast piece. I wanted the block to look like a computer, with a grey or black band around to make the monitor. The larger piece at the bottom is going to be quilted to look like a keyboard. Each block has a different contrast block that serves as the “desktop”. The stripe with this one…

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    Stuck on the Sofa

    Figures as soon as I set myself a to-do list, I get struck with illness. It was so nice out this week too, boo.As I have been laying on the couch trying not to die, I haven’t gotten much crafting done. I have, however, been plotting what else to get up to once I’m well enough. (After all the projects in my last post, more job hunting, cleaning up my yard, and finishing what’s in my sewing project basket.) I may play with these a bit, especially Elephant Man. I’m thinking bowler hat and no hair. I do dig the moustache though. I’m in love with Lobster Boy already. Fish…

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    Things to Make this Month

    1. If I can get Bats to help me, I want to get my duct tape dressform made. My old one just wasn’t worth the trouble to move it cross-country and I’ve been without one. It’s very handy to have and I got the supplies for less than $10. (Much better than the $100-150 for a manufactured one that isn’t exact to me.) 2. Asssuming that gets done, I have two shirts I got at the thrift shop that need some tweaking. 3. Make some freaking sleep shorts. I have this weird thing about sleeping in pants. Unless it’s super cold my legs just got too hot (although the rest…

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    Hoppin’ and a Boppin’

    So now that my craft room is mostly squared away and I actually have a place to work, I figured I should finish up the rest of my birdy totes, which have been laying in my to do basket for a bit now. The last five were sewn up today today, which was mostly topstitching straps and securing birds. I may make some little flowers or other embellishments for the bags tomorrow and then hopefully get them on my Etsy. (SOMETHING needs to go on there anyway!) The other three can be found on my Flickr. I’ll post the pattern for a few of the birds on here within the…

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    Testing 1, 2, 3

    Remember these guys? I’d like to eventually sell the pattern, but I’d really like have some pattern testers first. If anyone is interested let me know and I’ll e-mail the pattern and instructions. These dolls are roughly 18″ tall (the boy is a little taller) and can be made from fleece or felt.

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    Stu, Stu, Studio

    I haven’t updated for a few days, but I have a good excuse! On Sunday I talked Bats into taking me to the new IKEA, in spite of the torrential rain. Despite all the people and Bats following me around complaining about all the people, I managed to get what I needed. The rest of the weekend and most of Monday and Tuesday was spent cleaning my room. (Cue dramatic music.) This is going to be a pretty picture heavy post, just as a warning. On the left, you can kind of see the MASS of fabric that was piled in the middle of the room. To be fair, I…