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    In the Garden

    I’ve been a busy little bee, selecting fabric for totes and then making said totes. I have to say that picking fabrics is pretty much my favorite part of any project. I’m a bad little fabric hoarder, and many of the fabrics I buy I have no project in mind for. I buy things because they make me happy, either with color or pattern or subject matter. I love to play with color in pattern in unexpected ways to find the combination that makes all the fabrics look better. A lot of my fabrics have some sentimental value to them too. So choosing fabrics means I not only get to…

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    I have been really digging owls lately, and everyone else seems to be as well. I love their round bodies, big eyes, and teeny tiny beaks. I found this wee owl couple at an antique shop. I’m not sure why they’re green, but as it’s my favorite color there are no complaints. I’ve had my eye on this fellow for months, but I’ve been waiting for him to go on clearance. I finally got him 75% off, for just a bit over $6. He’s going to live in the yard once I get out sitting area set up. I got this nifty fabric, which I used to make… …one of…

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    Here They Come To Save The Day

    I’ve been busy making some comic character plushes. Atomic Skull is in the works, I just need to finish off his flames. I finished two Ambush Bugs that were hanging out in my unfinished project basket. They each got some cute little shorts to protect their modesty. The one on the right has chenille stems in his antennae, so they stand up and can be posed. They’re both going on my Etsy shop later this week, along with Copperhead and Baby Rorschach. MODOK is also on Ebay until Sunday (July 12). This little Ambush Bug already has a home.

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    Fourth of July

    We had an awesome July 4th. Bats spent most of the day making pasta sauce from scratch. Our house smelled so delicious. I helped make vegan baked ziti. Bats found a recipe for a vegan ricotta cheese substitute that uses macadamia nuts. (I’m going to use some of the leftover miso paste to make tofu miso soup next week, hooray!) It turned out really yummy, although there was some grittiness that probably would have been better if we had an actual food processor and not a $15 blender. It was still freaking delicious though. We also made garlic knots with premade pizza dough from Trader Joe’s. Just make fat little…

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    Sewing, Sewing, Sewing

    I got a fairly large custom order and it came out so well I wanted to post some pictures. I made two sets of bumper pads, two baby quilts, two crib dust ruffles, a valance and curtain, and a diaper organizer to hang from the crib. The bumper pads had these flowers on the tabs. Except for sewing the two flower pieces together, these are all hand sewn. They took FOREVER and my fingers hurt. I need a thimble, but whenever I use one I tend to kind of not use the finger it’s on. Generally I just put a bandage on that finger and that seems to work out.…

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    HeroesCon 2009

    Our annual nerd weekend has been and gone once again. (HeroesCon 2007 was my first official date with Bats.) I had a total blast. I didn’t buy much as I am sans a job, but bats insisted on buying me zombie comics and I got some good free stuff. I also got to meet some of the awesome guys at Studio Revolver, especially Tom Feister and Casey Edwards. Both fantastic, talented guys. I brought some of the comic plush with me and they were both a bit excited over them. Here’s Question hanging out with Cully Hamner, who is the artist for the Question comics running with Detective Comics. (Although…

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    These are Mr X Stitch’s fault, mostly. He requested Keyboard Cat and it got my going again. I already had a bit of a list going, and darn if I didn’t get a few marked off. Two movies that make me giggle. (Also, come on, what red-blooded American girl doesn’t like a movie with 300 hot men in tiny leather undies?) And horror, the dreaded Tubgirl. Unlike 2 Girls/1 Cup, I was not fortunate enough to avoid this one. It was sprung on me by Bats, and I still agreed to date him. (Instead of the proper reaction, which would have been to beat him to death with my computer…

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    Dec Your Neck

    To make up for not updating for so long, I’m going to do kind of a glut of posts all at once here. To start off, this one is about a couple of my favorite handmade necklaces.   Like most of the things I know how to do, I mostly taught myself with a lot of reading and trial and error. I’m sure there are things I do “wrong”, but oh well. I tend to be happy with the results and that’s the important thing, right? I really like the look of a large focal pendant, and a lot of the ones I use are kind of sentimental. Both the…