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    Mission Accomplished

    So here are the results of last weekend’s labor. I made three skirts, one of which still needs to be hemmed. Am I the only one who absolutley HATES to hem? These skirts are full and there is a lot of hemming to be had. I modified the pattern a little (New Look 6892). The pattern calls for gathering along the front and back to make the fullness. I made a pleat in the front and a dart in the back instead. I also left off the zipper and made the waist elastic, because I kind of suck at zippers and all I had on hand were 14″ black ones.…

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    This Weekend’s Agenda

    This weekend I plan to… …make some skirts (with large doofy bow of course)… Rock out in my snazzy new boots… …and probably listen to some Queen. Sounds like a good weekend to me.

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    A Small Infestation

    Guys, I think we have a little bat problem… I took a little break from comic character plush this weekend to make some little plush bats. (Although I still got all nerdy and named them after Batman characters. I have an illness.) I made four each of beige, brown and dark grey.Each one has a different cotton fabric for the wings. I have a big stash and I think these little guys are a good way to use up smaller bits. They’re only about 7″ tall (not including ears) so they don’t take much fabric and they’re wee enough to carry around. I actually carried one around in my purse…