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Mission Accomplished

So here are the results of last weekend’s labor. I made three skirts, one of which still needs to be hemmed. Am I the only one who absolutley HATES to hem? These skirts are full and there is a lot of hemming to be had. I modified the pattern a little (New Look 6892). The pattern calls for gathering along the front and back to make the fullness. I made a pleat in the front and a dart in the back instead. I also left off the zipper and made the waist elastic, because I kind of suck at zippers and all I had on hand were 14″ black ones.

Excuse the fact that I look like I just rolled out of bed…because I kind of did. The fabric is a piece of lightweight wool or wool blend tartan that was from my dad. The pattern is similiar to our family’s dress plaid. (Partial Scot in the hizzouse!) I had to get a little creative with the plaid matching as I didn’t have a whole lot of fabric. Really the only place it matches is at the front waistband, which is hidden under the bow. But take my word, it is some masterful plaid matching. The waistband is lined with left over fabric from this shirt that I made for my dad awhile ago.

This one is made from some blue cotton, it’s very light and swishy. On the two previous skirts, I didn’t have enough fabric to have the waistband lining match. I had enough on this one, but I kind of liked the idea of having a contrasting lining. (Like a little skirt secret.) This one has a small green striped cotton.
Boot rocking and Queen listening was also accomplished.

This Weekend’s Agenda

This weekend I plan to…

…make some skirts (with large doofy bow of course)…

Rock out in my snazzy new boots

…and probably listen to some Queen. Sounds like a good weekend to me.

A Small Infestation

Guys, I think we have a little bat problem…

I took a little break from comic character plush this weekend to make some little plush bats. (Although I still got all nerdy and named them after Batman characters. I have an illness.)

I made four each of beige, brown and dark grey.Each one has a different cotton fabric for the wings. I have a big stash and I think these little guys are a good way to use up smaller bits. They’re only about 7″ tall (not including ears) so they don’t take much fabric and they’re wee enough to carry around. I actually carried one around in my purse over the weekend.

It may be obvious, but I’ll mention it. I have a thing for bats. I’ve always thought they were cute and super interesting. (This is largely due to the fact that I go educational presents like Zoobooks when I was small.) Like did you know bats are more closely related to monkeys than rodents?
Also, my boyfriend is Batman so I get to see them a lot while chilling in the batcave. He just complains about guano on the Batmobile.