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About Me

My name is Jennifer and I am the artist behind these cuddly characters. I have always been interested in exploring as many crafts and mediums as I can and in learning new things! As far back as I can remember I was making things, from cardboard forts to artwork to my own stuffed animals. Sewing is my favorite thing; I love taking a flat piece of fabric and turning into something cuddly or useful. Crafting is very cathartic for me, and I take a lot of pride in the things I make. I am mostly self-taught, figuring out techniques and methods from a number of sources and doing some experimenting on my own. I’ve also taken beginning and intermediate sewing at Fresno City College in California with a focus on apparel construction and have been sewing for about twelve years.

My goal is always a finished product that makes me smile, and I hope brings some happiness to others as well. I tend toward cute and vintage with a little macabre thrown in as a twist. I think I am most inspired by my materials, especially as far as fabric goes. Few things get me more excited than thinking up new projects for a fun fabric and matching patterns and colors.

About My Plush

All my plush are made using original patterns that I have created, so you won’t find anything quite like them anywhere else. I machine sew each plush out of soft and cuddly anti-pill fleece and then stuff and assemble each by hand. I prefer fleece for its sturdiness, resistance to fraying, and soft texture. The plush may also feature soft cottons and cotton flannels for clothing, faux fur for selected hairstyles, and synthetic felt for small details. My plush are approximately 16″ tall and feature jointed arms and heads that turn. All the plush are stuffed firmly with all new polyester fiberfill so they are very huggable and squishy. The plush take anywhere from two to twelve hours or more to make, depending on how complicated it is and if drafting new patterns is required.

You can find my creations at various conventions on the East coast. Check out the Buy page for more details and browse the gallery for examples of what I may have for sale.



I also love to do custom work! If you’re interested in a custom plush toy, I’d be delighted to discuss options and pricing with you. Check out the Custom Plush page for more information on pricing and policies.

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