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California – February 20th and 21st

On the 20th we made our way from Los Angeles to Cayucos on the central coast. We stopped in Oxnard to pick up a kite and some strawberries.


We stayed at the Seaside Motel in Cayucos, which was seriously adorable.


All the rooms have a different decorative scheme like Rambling Rose, Tea for Two, and Fish Fantasy. There was one room left when we got there and it just happened to be exactly the one we wanted, Birdhouse Bungalow.


There’s also the sweetest little garden in the back of the hotel with lots of beautiful plants, decorations, and places to sit and enjoy the sound of the ocean. We were out in the garden around sunset and saw several hummingbirds whizzing around, as well as some hummingbird moths. I had heard about these, but hadn’t seen one close up before. They apparently like purple, because they were feeding from purple flowers and seemed very interested in my head! There were also some monarch butterflies fluttering around.


After settling in, we walked the few blocks down to the beach. We had some limited success with our kite, but it was fun trying and the view was nothing to complain about.


Unfortunately we weren’t able to go out on the pier as it has been condemned due to structural issues. There’s a campaign to raise money to rebuild the pier, check it out here.


On the 21st, we headed a little north to Cambria to visit Moonstone Beach. The beach is pretty much all rocks rather than a sand beach. Many of these are moonstone, hence the name of the beach. We spent over an hour very happily sprawled out on the beach looking for pretty rocks, until my mom realized the tide was coming in and we had to scoot around an outcropping if we didn’t want to get stranded.

moonstone beach

I was searching out small rocks to use in some teeny glass bottles I had picked up at SCRAP in San Francisco during my last trip. The rocks lose some of their luster when they dry, so I need to experiment with resin and sealers to see what gives them a nice shine. Does anyone have any suggestions?





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