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    Custom Orders!

    I have been having way too much fun making all these adorable custom orders! Check out the Plush Gallery page for more pictures. I’ll spending tonight working on intergalactic bounty hunters!

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    Garrus and What He Taught Me

    I have a few more customs to finish before I dive into my convention sewing. This little guy actually came together a little easier than I was anticipating and I’m really pleased with the results! All the small details on his face and armor are hand painted. This was my first time painting on a plush and it worked really well! It also gave me the solution to something I’ve been tinkering with for a bit. I’ve been wanting to make a plush version of the spider butt Darth Maul since I saw the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode, but I wasn’t sure how I wanted to do the…

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    A Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy

    I got a custom order for a set of four of the Cantina aliens from Star Wars: A New Hope. These were so much fun! Little Greedo is more interested in giving Han Solo a hug than a blaster wound. (Even though Jabba put out a 50 cookie bounty for Han’s capture!) Momaw Nadon aka Hammerhead. I was a little worried about how his funny head would turn out, but I was pleased with the very first try! I love his little head scarf and toes. Ponda Baby aka Walrusman. His little fuzzy face is so cute. His arm doesn’t detach, sorry. Last but not least, Blue Snaggletooth. He was…

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    Custom Orders Open!

    Conventions are over for this year and custom orders are open! Custom orders start at $50 and I’ll be adding a new option: ponies! You can find more information under the Want Your Own section. Spaces are limited and I have some exciting orders already in, so hurry to reserve your space!

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    I Am Not a Committee!

    Here’s another amazing lady I got to recreate in plush form. On top of being a princess and a rebellion leader, Leia always has the most kickass hair. She can be refined and diplomatic or fiery and sarcastic and this is one damsel that doesn’t wait around for somebody else to rescue her. Leia’s style is elegant, but still practical for space adventuring. Her original outfit in A New Hope was always my favorite and comes coupled with the best hair. If you can’t find the perfect dress, a large turtleneck shirt and some tailoring would probably get you close. Obviously I had to throw in some galaxy print tights, it is Star…

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    I Love My Captain

    This was a custom order I was really excited to do! I love Firefly and Serenity, and Kaylee is one of my favorite characters. (It’s so hard to choose a favorite on this show, everyone is so fun and rounded out!) I think what I like most about Kaylee is that she can be girly but doesn’t mind getting dirty either. She loves her job as a mechanic and the adventure of being out in space with the crew, and her skills can get her a lot of respect. (One of my favorite scenes is her surrounded by admirers while discussing the pros and cons of various ship components, especially…

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    I Have a Backup Brain in My Butt

    Over the past few weeks I’ve been getting the last of my custom orders done in order to start getting ready for selling at NC Comicon the first weekend of November. I always get a good selection of interesting charcters with customs, and it seems like I’ve had an overload of aliens lately… Oh em gee, I am super happy with how little Doop came out. I think I captured his absolute redonkulousness, along with his vacant stare. Doop is one of those dolls I had way too much fun making. He’s about 16″ tall and, like all my dollies, has jointed arms. Jointed arms are especially good for flailing while following…

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    Daddy, Why Did You Eat My Fries?

    Making Adventure Time plush for other people was super fun (see PB and Lady here and Finn and Jake here). But you know what was even more fun? Making a Marceline for me to keep! As much as I sew, I rarely get to make things for myself.  Most of what I make is custom orders or for sale at conventions or on my Etsy shop. (Speaking of conventions, I’ll be at NC Comicon in November, come see me!) I love sewing for other people and it’s a good thing I don’t keep everything I make because I would be buried in dolls, but I’ve been so busy lately and…

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    Totally Mathmatical!

    Plush Finn and Jake can’t just go galavanting about the land of Ooo all alone, right? Duh, they have to have PB and Lady Rainicorn to rescue from the Ice King and his terrible fanfiction and explain the difference between Xanoids and Plantoids. Ya ding dong. Since PB is a princess, she has to rock out in her sweet crown. She also has two little dresses, in case she wants to mix it up a little. When she has important royal business to attend to, so can ride off on Lady Rainicorn. Who is huge. I’m serious, check this out. I think she ended up being a little over 60″…

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    Good News, Everyone!

    Now is the time to do the Almost Through My Commissions Dance. As much as I totally love making customs and all the amazing and weird character requests I get, I haven’t had a chance to make what I want to make in MONTHS. I’ll be taking a break from customs until early November to prepare for selling at NC Comicon and to get my Etsy shop stocked for the holidays! Keep an eye out for lots of new characters, some old favorites, and other fun things. Until then, bask in the amazingness that is Futurama plush. Bender, as was to be expected, was a pain in the BUTT! I think…