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    Make Way for the Fat Fury!

    One of the great things about doing custom plush for nerds is that I get requests for some pretty random and obscure characters. Like a stoic fat guy with a plunger on his head. What says superhero more than that? Just about everything, but that’s not the point here. The point here is look how cute he is! (You should all be really grateful this is over the Internet and your eardrums are not subjected to my actual girlish shrieking.) Sometimes I get sad because I make something as a custom and I don’t want to send it away. Then I remember I can make as many dolls as I…

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    What Time Is It?

    Adventure Time! Come on grab your friends! We’re going to very distant lands… With Jake the dog and Finn the human, the fun will never end. Adventure Time! Finn and Jake are custom orders. Finn has jointed arms, a pack that opens, and a removable hat. There is Velcro on his hand so he can hold his mathmatical sword. He stands about 22″ tall. Jake has elastic in his arms and legs since it’s hard to give plushes magical stretching powers. Hey, I’m good, but I’m not that good. Also, this! With Neil Patrick Harris and the awesome daughter from Californication. I am now required to make a Fionna costume. Which…

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    Something Different

    Just kidding, it’s more plush! I’m having nightmares about stuffing again. I’m still working on commissions from Heroes Con. Isn’t that crazy? The answer is yes.Anyway, I’ve gotten a lot of the simpler characters out of the way and I’m starting to work on dolls that require some pattern drafting. Does anyone else have a skill that some days you feel like the DaVinci of whatever and some days it seems like somebody snuck in at night and stole the part of your brain that knows how to do that thing? That could totally happen, I’m an insanely heavy sleeper. That’s me and pattern drafting. Sometimes I draw something and sew it…

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    A Long, Long Time Ago…

    Star Wars is probably my longest running nerd love. I used to watch the all day marathons of the Original Trilogy with my dad during the holidays. For a long time I had no idea what order things went in as I would wander in and out. I have the attention span of a goldfish. An easily distracted goldfish who likes shiny string. I did always love it though, and even more so when I actually sat down and watched the movies through. I even met my boyfriend on a Star Wars forum. So of course I had to bring some cuddly friends from a galaxy far away to Hereos…

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    For the Birds

    I’m taking a little non-embroidery themed interruption for a good cause. My lastest project is for a charity auction for Journey Towards Sustainability to pay for Eco-N-Motion  mobile education. The mobile classroom will travel to schools and other venues in the Charlotte area to teach kids about sustainability and the enviornment. The theme is based around birdhouses and I knew when I decided to participate that I wanted to make a cuddly tree friend similiar to this plush I made is 2008. I made a few updated and changes to the design and I am really happy with how it turned out. Birdie lives in his cute blue house, protected by Tree…

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    Holy Smokes, Batman!

    Sometimes the hardest part of making commissioned dolls is sending them off when they’re done. This is one of those times. Man, do I want to keep this little Batman and Robin for my very own! They have tiny little belts and tiny little boots and I want them to be with me always to protect me from kitschy and ineffective evildoers. But alas, duty calls and they must hurry off to fight evil someplace else. Here they come… …and there they go. Good luck, Dynamic Duo!

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    No,  not this kind… …or this kind… …THIS KIND! Don’t mind the crazy face, give him a cuddle! Creeper was part of a large set of custom dolls. I also made… Ambush Bug with a snazzy outfit and Cheeks the Toy Wonder. Ragman Wrestler Colt Cabana Wild Dog And the main man, Lobo. This set was insane fun to make, all the characters are interesting and almost every one offerered a new challenge or technique, like the patchwork on Ragman and the hockey mask on Wild Dog.

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    Sssseasonssss Greetingssss!

      Greetingsss! It isss I, the great Cobra Commander! I have taken over the Handmade SSStuffsss blog usssing my amazing technological ssskillsss to bring you thisss messssssage. It isss imperative that you go to thisss Ebay auction and bid on my adorable plusssh likenessss. All the money will go to building a new Weather Dominator….I mean Toysss for Totsss. You can alssso probably ussse hisss sssuperior cutenessss to take over the world or sssomething. Cobra!

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    Trust Him, He’s From the Future

    What’s that, Skeets? Jennifer finally got around to updating her Handmade Stuffs Etsy shop! Well I can think of a few people on my Christmas list who would love a custom plush! (There will be more this weekend too!)