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HeroesCon 2015 Wrap Up!

HeroesCon 2015 wrap up!

On Friday we had our adorable niece with us. She went to HeroesCon when she was about five and was a bit overwhelmed, but she had a lot of fun this time. (As well as used her cuteness to finagle a plush out of me before heading home.)


There were lots of awesome cosplayers!






There is so much amazing artwork to be had at HeroesCon, so there was no way I was leaving without some. I totally need it because I have so much wall space! That was sarcasm, I have no wall space. I have negative wall space. This did not stop me from buying things, because LOOK!


“B is for Butts” and “Witness Me” are from my HeroesCon neighbor, Cassie Hart Kelly. (Her artwork is as cute as her daughter, who was rampaging about in a teeny dino outfit all weekend.) The “Witness Me” has about ten different nerd references. Aside from the obvious ones, every weapon is from something geeky, from Star Wars to Star Trek to Ninja Turtles. The strangely inspiration print at the top is from Erin Gladstone, who also makes adorable artwork with rude little foxes.


I couldn’t resist these cutie cute stickers from Cara McGee. She also draws punk rock versions of superheroes and makes lovely tea blends inspired by nerdy stuff. (Definitely check it out if you’re a tea drinker.)


My dumb fiance who wasn’t supposed to buy me anything also surprised me with this freaking ADORABLE Nux commission by Irene Strychalski. (Do you get the feeling I like Nux?) Her artwork is so lovely and I LOVE her coloring style.


A good chunk of Sunday was spent with my bestie, who is probably the cutest person. She also makes the cutest things, like the Gunther brooch and Ice King inspired crown she’s wearing here. Check out more of her cute outfits and handmade jewelry.

Plus Babs Tarr liked my Batgirl plush, which makes me dance in a little circle.


Now back to sewing! I’m working on some new smaller items as well as a few new characters in the standard sized plush for DragonCon, Baltimore Comicon, and NC Comicon.


New Stuffs

So this project was kind of supposed to wait until after convention season, but I got excited and had to start! I will now be offering designs based on the style of my plush! So if you want more handmade stuffs but just don’t have the room for a plush, you can still have cuddly goodness! I currently have some designs up on Spoonflower and Redbubble. Spoonflower has custom fabric so you can make your very own crafts. On Redbubble you can find t-shirts, phone cases, tablet skins, leggings, and more! I’ll be adding more designs through the course of the year, so check back for more! I also plan to have a few items for sale at shows next year (zipper pouches, stickers, etc).




NUX design


I already have a ton more designs planned and I can’t wait to start working on them!




11391582_969291646439019_8246851041021739807_n 11393064_972723729429144_8256028176640184435_n

NC Comicon and Holiday Shopping

Microsoft Word - 2014 Booth-Table Assignments.xlsx


Hey nerds, don’t forget I’ll be at NC Comicon next weekend, November 15th and 16th! Find me at table A78 in Hall A!

jackharkness drforrester


If you’ve had your eye on a cuddly Stuffs but won’t be able to make it NC Comicon, don’t worry! You can also get my handmade plush from my Etsy. Shop this week for the best selection; I may be out of some characters after NC Comicon.

Happy handmade holidays!

DragonCon Wrap Up

DragonCon 2014 is over and I’m slowly recovering. A HUGE thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth, took home a stuffs, or even just spread the word about my cuddly creations! Handmade Stuffs had a crazy weekend and I did even better than I hoped to! (Which fortunately/unfortunately means I’m going to be a lot busier getting ready for NC Comicon than I expected.) I was also invited to a brand new convention, Atlantic City Boardwalk Con, and I’m very excited about it!

Despite being busy, I did manage to sneak away and get some fun stuff!

I snuck over to the Walk of Fame and was way too exicted to get to meet Trace Beaulieu, Frank Conniff, and Joel Hodgson from Mystery Science Theater 3000. Now the problem is finding a place on my wall for the signed photos and Royal Order of Free and Accepted Mystery Scientists certificate. (Do you know the secret handshake?)

Cooler weather needs to hurry up so I can wear these Stormtrooper leggings from We Love Fine with everything I own. Space print and Stormtroopers is considered a neutral, right?


This little fish ornament from my table neighbor, Tom Taggart, is probably one of my new favorite things. The ornament is cast from resin so it’s really lightweight and hand painted beautifully. The silly little fish face just did me in; silly fish faces are super adorable. Now I have to find a good place around my desk to hang him up.

I hope everyone who went had a great con and thank you again for making this show so successful!


California – February 20th and 21st

On the 20th we made our way from Los Angeles to Cayucos on the central coast. We stopped in Oxnard to pick up a kite and some strawberries.


We stayed at the Seaside Motel in Cayucos, which was seriously adorable.


All the rooms have a different decorative scheme like Rambling Rose, Tea for Two, and Fish Fantasy. There was one room left when we got there and it just happened to be exactly the one we wanted, Birdhouse Bungalow.


There’s also the sweetest little garden in the back of the hotel with lots of beautiful plants, decorations, and places to sit and enjoy the sound of the ocean. We were out in the garden around sunset and saw several hummingbirds whizzing around, as well as some hummingbird moths. I had heard about these, but hadn’t seen one close up before. They apparently like purple, because they were feeding from purple flowers and seemed very interested in my head! There were also some monarch butterflies fluttering around.


After settling in, we walked the few blocks down to the beach. We had some limited success with our kite, but it was fun trying and the view was nothing to complain about.


Unfortunately we weren’t able to go out on the pier as it has been condemned due to structural issues. There’s a campaign to raise money to rebuild the pier, check it out here.


On the 21st, we headed a little north to Cambria to visit Moonstone Beach. The beach is pretty much all rocks rather than a sand beach. Many of these are moonstone, hence the name of the beach. We spent over an hour very happily sprawled out on the beach looking for pretty rocks, until my mom realized the tide was coming in and we had to scoot around an outcropping if we didn’t want to get stranded.

moonstone beach

I was searching out small rocks to use in some teeny glass bottles I had picked up at SCRAP in San Francisco during my last trip. The rocks lose some of their luster when they dry, so I need to experiment with resin and sealers to see what gives them a nice shine. Does anyone have any suggestions?





California – February 19th

Wednesday was a fun and crafty day! Our first stop was M&L Discount Fabrics is Anaheim. This place is huge, I think we spent over three hours there. About half of the front section of the store is devoted to quilting cottons but there is also a great selection of fleece, minky, lace, and special occasions fabrics as well as patterns, buttons, and notions. We spent most of our time on the back section of the store though.


There is a HUGE section of flat fold fabric, most $3 per yard. Most of it is cotton but there was also a ton of t-shirt jersey, upholstery fabric, denim, and more.


Seriously, look how tall some of these stacks are! We could barely see over them.


It’s a bit of a pain to look through, especially when you find a fabric you like that’s waaaaay at the bottom of the pile. Our poor arms were getting really tired by the end of our visit. The price is right though, and they actually had some nicer quilting cottons and linen-look fabrics.

With sore arms, we headed over to Wildfiber in Santa Monica.


The store is adorable and well organized and the staff was very friendly. I don’t do much as far as crochet or knitting, but my mother was very excited to see and touch all the beautiful yarns.


There was a cute place to sit and work and lots of lovely examples of work.


They also carry a selection of books, buttons, and knitting needles.


Finally we headed over to Sherman Oaks to play some mini golf at Castle Park. We had so much fun we decided to make mini golf a part of every visit from now on. We played through course three, so we have to other courses to check out when we make it back.




California – February 18th

I’m still having fun with my mom in California!

On the 18th, we headed over to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. I love visiting museums and science centers, and natural history museums are one of my most favorite. (Yes, I’m a huge nerd.)




Being very mature adults, we spent the most time in the children’s Nature Lab downstairs.


The front part of the Nature Lab is made up of tables, each featuring an activity or interactive feature and an illustrated nature story with specimens.


We wrote our own nature story.


We participated in fun activities!


The Dino Hall was our last stop.




dino bone






It’s getting close to Valentine’s Day and I made some cute valentines with photos of my plush. I love you nerds. <3

Feel free to share, just please credit me.

Thanksgiving and Small Business Saturday

Hey folks! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and is recovering from massive overdoses of pie and mashed potatoes.

While people are out shopping on Black Friday, consider saving some of your holiday cash for  Small Business Saturday. Shopping small and local is a great way to keep the money you spend in your community. There’s a great infographic here explaining the benefits of shopping small.

If you’re in the Charlotte area, consider purchasing from some of our great small businesses and some of the crafters who are part of Crown Town Handmade. (If you’re not in the Charlotte area, keep some of these folks in mind for Cyber Monday!)

Beadlush just celebrated their 10 year anniversary and is one of the best bead stores in Charlotte for price and selection. The staff is seriously sweet and very knowledgeable. The owner, Lydia, very graciously offers space to Crown Town Handmade for our free monthly Make Out craft sessions. Even if you don’t plan to make something for holiday parties or gifts, consider buying some lovely beads or supplies for the crafter in your life or check out the already made items on display around the store. (You may spy a few of my plush zombies hanging around the store.)

If you have a friend who is vegan, vegetarian, or eco-conscious I would definitely recommend Ecolicious. Look for snacks, jewelry  bath and body products, toys, home decor, and clothing. (Here’s another place you might find some Handmade Stuffs creations hiding out.) Also look for some beautiful messenger bags by Add Some Zing. The store owners, Marley and Fiona, are awesome and helpful. Make sure to give their sweet dog, Henry, a pet.

If you’re looking for some unique and beautiful jewelry for this holiday season, check out Corvidae Jewelry. Vanessa combines vintage pieces, gorgeous beads, and amazing hand work to make unique and beautiful jewelry pieces. I can tell you from personal experience that her pieces are not only beautiful but exceptionally well made.

If you’re looking for other accessories, check out Stitch Machine. Sarah makes unique and fashionable hair accessories and also offers some vintage items in her shop.

Check out other Crown Town Handmade shops here.

And because I’m thankful for you folks, I’m offering a coupon code for my Etsy shop! Use code THANKYOU2012 for 10% off at checkout.

Custom Order Update

I got so many fun custom orders and I’ve been sewing, sewing, sewing to get dolls done and to their new homes!

I’m finding that the rotation of sewing the conventions and then sewing custom orders is really good for me and helps me to not get burned out on doing either. Since I still work a full time job and I’m saving up to open my own store, I don’t give myself much break time. There’s a lot of difference between sewing batches of dolls I’ve made before for conventions and getting to sew all new characters. I find that both help me work on my creativity; whether it’s figuring out new patterns and ideas for custom orders or be excited about the batches of dolls I’m making for conventions. (What’s more fun than a giant pile of plush?) I also always end up getting a custom request for something I wanted to make already and I get all excited! I’ve had a couple of those kinds of orders so far, and I’m so happy with how they’re turning out.

Flame Princess! Adventure Time has so many great princess designs, and Flame Princess was definitely on my short list of the ones I wanted to make. (Along with Breakfast Princess and Dr. Princess!) I’m really pleased with the way her hair turned out.

I’ve been wanting to make a Bossk forever and I seriously wanted to keep this little guy. I was a little worried about getting his gross lizard face right, but I am so so happy with it. The modified head pattern worked on the first try and I always love it when that happens.

This is one that people have requested a lot, and is one of those non-cuddly characters that I love to make. Give Deadpool a snuggle!

Also, I got to make this little guy again.

Now onto more sewing!