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    California – February 20th and 21st

    On the 20th we made our way from Los Angeles to Cayucos on the central coast. We stopped in Oxnard to pick up a kite and some strawberries. We stayed at the Seaside Motel in Cayucos, which was seriously adorable. All the rooms have a different decorative scheme like Rambling Rose, Tea for Two, and Fish Fantasy. There was one room left when we got there and it just happened to be exactly the one we wanted, Birdhouse Bungalow. There’s also the sweetest little garden in the back of the hotel with lots of beautiful plants, decorations, and places to sit and enjoy the sound of the ocean. We were…

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    California – February 19th

    Wednesday was a fun and crafty day! Our first stop was M&L Discount Fabrics is Anaheim. This place is huge, I think we spent over three hours there. About half of the front section of the store is devoted to quilting cottons but there is also a great selection of fleece, minky, lace, and special occasions fabrics as well as patterns, buttons, and notions. We spent most of our time on the back section of the store though. There is a HUGE section of flat fold fabric, most $3 per yard. Most of it is cotton but there was also a ton of t-shirt jersey, upholstery fabric, denim, and more.…

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    California – February 18th

    I’m still having fun with my mom in California! On the 18th, we headed over to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. I love visiting museums and science centers, and natural history museums are one of my most favorite. (Yes, I’m a huge nerd.) Being very mature adults, we spent the most time in the children’s Nature Lab downstairs. The front part of the Nature Lab is made up of tables, each featuring an activity or interactive feature and an illustrated nature story with specimens. We wrote our own nature story. We participated in fun activities! The Dino Hall was our last stop.    

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    California – February 16th and 17th

    This week I’m celebrating my self employment with a long overdue visit to California to see my mom. Although the weather in North Carolina attempted to sabotage my plans with a crazy snow storm, I managed to make it! Our first day was spent on the high seas! Okay, just off the port of Los Angeles. We had great time on a whale watching tour, where we actually got to see some whales. Well, parts of whales. (They are underwater after all.) We did see a tail, a flipper, and some backs. It was all too quick to snag some decent photos, but it was amazing to see. I did…

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    Why Donner Disappoints Me

    Sometimes it’s hard for me to get in the Christmas spirit. I know why; a big, fat part of my Christmas preparation had to be left behind when I moved in 2007. I miss you every year, Christmas Tree Lane. If you’re not lucky enough to have grown up in a town with a ridiculously huge and kind of famous Christmas display, I pity you. Get in the car and drive there right now. Go marvel at the 140 houses and 300 trees in the nearly two mile stretch. Listen to the carols playing from car windows and tree-mounted speakers. I dare you not to get in the holiday spirit. Christmas…

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    October Make Out – Night of the Crafting Dead

    October’s Make Out with Crown Town Handmade is the one I look forward to all year. Although a free craft taught by a local crafter every month is always fun, can you think of a better way to spend a Thursday evening then getting made up to look like the walking dead? If it’s not obvious from some of my projects, I love me some zombies. The shuffling and dead eyed Romero kind, the shrieking and flailing 28 Days Later kind, the wormy and meat-obsessed Slither ones, the vacant and gruesome Walking Dead sort, the exploding and gnawing House of the Dead ones. I love them all. Of course I leap at the chance…

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    Nifty Thrifty: Thriftenstein

    So, I’m a girl of simple tastes. A bit of a bargain hunter perhaps. If there’s one thing I love more than thrift stores, it’s thrift CRAFT stores. Craft supplies are awesome, but insanely cheap craft supplies make me have a small fits of glee. Not to mention that, like regular thrift stores, thrift craft stores are full of the hilarious mistakes of taste from years past. Naturually I was downright giddy when I got to visit not one, but two, thrift craft stores on a recent trip to California to visit my mom. The Legacy Thrift & Gift Shop 781 Gravenstein Ave Sebastopol, CA 95472 My mom and I…

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    Nifty Thrifty – Creature from the Year Thrift-Thousand

    This week’s Nifty Thrifty is a little about the view on the way to the thrift store rather than the thrift store itself. If I can manage to sneak out of work a little early on Fridays, I take a little stroll to the bus stop and head to the thrift store. I work in a fairly industrialized area, but it still makes for a really nice walk after sitting in an office all day. It was so nice this past Friday that I decided to take a few photos on the way. There are two wooden posts on either side of driveway on the way. One is just a…

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    Nifty Thrifty: Attack of the Thrift People

    I’ve gushed about thrifted textiles before and how wonderful they are if you sew as a source of plentiful and super cheap fabric. Where else can you get five or six yards of lovely fabric for just a few dollars? Thrifted sheets are especially radical if you like full skirts, which I do, because they’re large enough that you don’t have to do a lot of annoying piecing. Added bonus: they’re already hemmed, which means less hemming for you. This is awesome beause hemming sucks. Case in point: I made this full wrap skirt with contrasting tie waist in about an hour. Don’t let anyone tell you it doesn’t pay off to…