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    July In The Cool and Fishy Deep

    After Heroes Con I’m usually busy, busy, busy with awesomely nerdy doll commissions. This year was no exception. I made a little Red Skull. I also made Death of Sandman fame. I had entirely too much fun making her hair. I also made and sent the second set of dolls, including  Blue Beetle and Squirrel Girl, for Southern Fried Comics in preperation for their grand opening.   I even found a little time to make some dolls just for the hell of it, including some cuddly little Ganeshes. In between bouts of doll making, I found time to dress in my favorited thrifted finds and handmade acessories.

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    Crown Town Handmade January Make Out

    I mentioned starting to attend the Crown Town Handmade Make Out Sessions in the June recap post, and I’ve been going almost every month since then. We’ve made coasters, notebooks, mobiles, and done a zombie walk just to name a few. If you’re in the Charlotte area I would really recommend attending. Even if you don’t feel you have a ton of craft talent, the crafts are fairly simple and  it’s a great group. So obviously I’m incredibly excited to be hosting my very first Crown Town Make Out! I’ll be teaching basic embroidery skills and stitches and we’ll be making embroidered Valentines. I wanted to make the patterns available…

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    June I Saw a Charming Group

    Despite the disgustingly awful weather, June is one one of my favorite months. I celebrated my third anniversary with Bats with our customary trip to HeroesCon. (Have I mentioned that was our first official date? Terrible.) I made a cute little Slimer for my buddy, Tom Feister, which resulted in much excitement. I also made a Hellboy for Mike Mignola, which resulted in slightly less squeeling but was still received well. I bought the most awesome shoes ever and managed not to kill myself walking in them. I tried to stay cute without dying of heat stroke. I wished my mom a happy birthday and thought of my dad on…

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    May a Robin Lightly Dressed

    May the Fourth and Free Comic Book day make May the second geekiest month of the year for me. (June being the first with the required trip to HeroesCon and my anniversary.) What better way to celebrate than comic themed plush? My dollies started making their way to Hattiesburg to be features at Southern Fried Comics. I also thrifted the owl skirt, which is a different kind of geekiness.

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    April I Will Go Away

    In April I continued to dress like a peacock. I celebrated my 25th birthday with Chinese food and kisses. I bought the little pendant for my dad’s ashes that I wear everyday. Bats and I found this little cutie a home.

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    March Laps It Up and Roars For More

    In March I took an impromptu trip to California to see my mom and get some of my dad’s things. My dad lived in the Napa area, so we stayed in Petaluma and took trips into San Francisco. We drove through this ridiculous tunnel almost everyday. I started getting back into my daily outfits after some sporadic dressing. I also did a little crafting too, making this eyeball ring from polymer clay.

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    February Is My Snowman’s Anniversary

    February started off pretty usual and with some of my favorite outfits of the year. Being in the proper Valentine’s spirit, there were plent of pink accessories to be found, including this necklace I made. However, in mid February I learned that my dad had suddenly passed. I designed what would eventually be my first tattoo is his memory.

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    January It’s So Nice

    January marked the beginning of my (almost) daily outfit posts. It started with a pink scarf, a green sweater, and some thrifted boots. ($6 boots! I have to brag.) January also saw the birth of the love of my life, my peacock dress. I’m seriously considering sewing this thing to my wedding dress. Mr. Peacock still resided on the original peacock dress, an house dress I snagged for $2.50 at the thrift store and altered to fit. Speaking of thrifting, I also found the mushroom shaped cooking jar with mushrooms on it and also a handle made of mushrooms. If you couldn’t tell, this thing tickles me to death. I…

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    Life is One Big Mixer

    Due to a combination of (disgusting, horrible) wintery weather and working on new combinations for my 30, I am taking a jaunt into Patternville. I need color and layers! Day 20 I’ve mixed this floral skirt with this scarf before, I really love the combo. I wasn’t really thinking about two busy florals going together, but they are so similar they looks really nice together. I can also tone down the rest of the outfit with some of the darker colors in the background. Day 21 Stripes, ombre, and lace-look tights (all the trend with none of the frozen legs). I love this ombre skirt with stripes! Day 22 More floral,…

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    One Sketchy Character

    Ok, so I was a little horrible about taking outfit pictures over the Thanskgiving holiday. Luckily, I was feeling a little sketchy…  Day 15 Day 16 Day 17 Day 18 Day 19