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    Crafting Personal Style: Work What You’ve Got

    The cheapest way to freshen up your wardrobe is to just change what you already own. Even the cutest peices can start feeling a little stale and boring when you’ve worn them fifty times. Altering and embellishing can make something old feel and look new (or at least new to you). A little altering can make an amazing difference. Simple alterations like hemming or adjusting fit are pretty easy if you have some basic sewing skills. Marisa at New Dress a Day makes quick and easy alterations and turns $1 horror shows into adorable outfits. The shirts my job provided were a lovely square shape, so the first order of business…

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    Polo Anyone?

    No, not the good kind with ponies. This week marks the beginning of a mandatory polo shirt regimen at work. While I don’t want to complain, (to have a job at all is awesome and come November I’ll have health insurance for the first time in five years), I can’t help but be a bit bummed about this. The company is footing the bill for seven of the polos pictured below. So why is this bugging me? I’m a creative person in a job that’s more spreadsheets than right brain activity. Some people unwind with alcohol or video games, I use embroidery or sewing. (Stabbing things repeatedly with a needle…

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    Mission Accomplished

    So here are the results of last weekend’s labor. I made three skirts, one of which still needs to be hemmed. Am I the only one who absolutley HATES to hem? These skirts are full and there is a lot of hemming to be had. I modified the pattern a little (New Look 6892). The pattern calls for gathering along the front and back to make the fullness. I made a pleat in the front and a dart in the back instead. I also left off the zipper and made the waist elastic, because I kind of suck at zippers and all I had on hand were 14″ black ones.…

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    This Weekend’s Agenda

    This weekend I plan to… …make some skirts (with large doofy bow of course)… Rock out in my snazzy new boots… …and probably listen to some Queen. Sounds like a good weekend to me.

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    Stu, Stu, Studio

    I haven’t updated for a few days, but I have a good excuse! On Sunday I talked Bats into taking me to the new IKEA, in spite of the torrential rain. Despite all the people and Bats following me around complaining about all the people, I managed to get what I needed. The rest of the weekend and most of Monday and Tuesday was spent cleaning my room. (Cue dramatic music.) This is going to be a pretty picture heavy post, just as a warning. On the left, you can kind of see the MASS of fabric that was piled in the middle of the room. To be fair, I…

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    Love is Blue and Yellow

    My name is Jennifer and I’m an IKEA-holic. I love to look at all the rooms they have set up and I love being able to sit on and mess with and poke and prod all the different home furnishings. Everything is so modern and cute. Not to mention the strange feeling of pride I get after putting together my own furniture and the customizability of everything being in parts. (Check out the IKEA hacker blog for lots of neat ideas.) So how happy am I to have an IKEA right here in my very own town? Very, that’s how happy. Especially considering that even after living here over a…

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    Old Things

    I did a little redesign, that counts as crafting, right? I think the bright colors are a little more me, not that I’m particularly bright but I’m certainly loud and I demand lots of attention. 😉 The header is a segment of this picture, my first attempt at teaching myself to treble crochet and some snazzy buttons. I’m rather in love with that absurd shade of citron. Since fiddling with colors took up much of my morning (along with laying around in bed and checking my e-mail), I thought I’d post some older pictures. These were my first professionally done pictures, I got them in trade at Craft Attack. These…

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    It’s a Zombie Kind of Day

    So I had kind of an awesome today. This morning’s project is above, a little zombie dude. Why did I make a zombie, you may ask? Because I got to see this awesome gentlement this afternoon. That would George Romero, creater of the modern horror movie genre as we know it and director of many outstanding zombie movies. I’m still spazzing out a little. 😀

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    Valentine’s Presents

    Felt applique. Each piece was cut and then stitched to the background using a wee blanket stitch. Repainted Indiana Jones Mighty Mugg (I needed the fedora). This is my first repainted vinyl toy, and he came out alright. I gave him a coat of primer first and painted him with artist acrylics. Then he got a clear coat to protect him. I made the notebook of paper so he can take notes about the connection between boy bands and deforestation and so he doesn’t forget his dates with Huntress.

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    Aren’t You Tweet (2 and 3)

    So I’m going to try this Craft 365 thing. I’m counting Sunday’s post as 1, sort of cheating but oh well. I’m pretty good about crafting everyday. Sewing is my therapy and after a day of retail I need some therapy. What I’m hoping this will improve is my dedication to blogging. I am terrible about blogging. I hate to take pictures, I don’t like editing pictures, and I never really know what to say on this thing. But I feel like it’s important for me to put my projects out there and maybe even inspire other people like I’ve been inspired by other blogs. On that note, here’s what…