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    Cuddly Detectives!

    This little detective is ready to solve the case of Who Needs Snuggles? His coat is made of a super soft and snuggly cotton flannel and I found this fun dark brown faux fur to use for his hair. Grab one from my Etsy shop!

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    Space Princesses!

      These little cuties are available in my Etsy shop! She’s one of my favorite dolls to make because she always comes out so cute! The little buns are scientifically proven to be adorable, even though sewing them all on kills my poor little fingers.  

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    I love making these little guys! The big ears, wee pillow cases, and most especially getting to pick out a set of mismatched socks for each one. I use infant sized socks, which come in tons of colors and patterns and fit these little plush pretty perfectly. I always want to put some heads on little plaques, which I think would be equal parts awful and adorable. What do you think?

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    Don’t Blink

    These cuddly little angels are just waiting for you to blink…so they can give you a hug!   I’m just making them with the neutral face for now, but I may make some more with the scary face. People get a little scared of these cuties even with the sweet face.   They each have a piece of hook and loop tape on their hands so they can hide their faces.   It took me a couple of tries to get the wings and hair to where I was happy with them. The wings are lightly stuffed with batting, (the stuff that makes quilts plushy). They’re really soft but hold…

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    It’s getting close to Valentine’s Day and I made some cute valentines with photos of my plush. I love you nerds. <3 Feel free to share, just please credit me.

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    Holiday Shopping!

    I’ve updated my Etsy shop for your holiday buying! Take 10% off by entering the coupon code CUDDLES13!