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    Custom Orders!

    I have been having way too much fun making all these adorable custom orders! Check out the Plush Gallery page for more pictures. I’ll spending tonight working on intergalactic bounty hunters!

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    Tree Hugger

    It’s just barely March and I’ve fulfilled two of my New Year’s resolutions, yay me! This weekend I checked off “get some of my stuff in local stores” when I dropped off some cuddly and eco-friendly Saplings at Eco-Licious in Charlotte, NC. These little Saplings are 18″ tall with jointed arms and a head that can turn. They all have cute leaf hair and each doll features three leaves in a unique combination of fabrics. My favorite part is making their little “branch” noses from felt, so cute!Ready for the enviornmentally friendly part? The body, stuffing, and felt are all made from recycled plastic water bottles! Plastic water bottles can…

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    Adolescent Abnormal Samurai Chelonians

    Or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, if you want to be technical. Leonardo leads! This little guys are the first of the dolls completed for NC Comicon, and I’m a little bummed I won’t be keeping them. Despite all my incredibly girlish hobbies and tendencies, I did watch a ton of “boys” cartoons growing up and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was one of my favorites. (I’m still a little tomboyish about television and movies; I love zombie movies and I can’t watch a romantic movie without making puke noises. Because I am so mature.) I found this green fleece online and immediately knew it had to be turtles. Donatello was my…

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    Stitch Wars Strikes Back

    I am so freaking excited to be in my first ever gallery show, I feel like a real artist. Also there are some insanely awesome and talented people involved and my stuff gets to hang out near their stuff and be friends. Maybe our toys will have slumber parties. Stitch Wars opening night was this past Friday, August 12th. I really wish I could have made it, but Florida is a bit of a drive and as supportive as Bats is I don’t think he would have been down for a twelve hour trip. What a loser. I’ll just have to enjoy it through the magic of the internet. I…

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    A Long, Long Time Ago…

    Star Wars is probably my longest running nerd love. I used to watch the all day marathons of the Original Trilogy with my dad during the holidays. For a long time I had no idea what order things went in as I would wander in and out. I have the attention span of a goldfish. An easily distracted goldfish who likes shiny string. I did always love it though, and even more so when I actually sat down and watched the movies through. I even met my boyfriend on a Star Wars forum. So of course I had to bring some cuddly friends from a galaxy far away to Hereos…

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    The Cuddling Dead

    I have been absolutely BURIED in commissions. (Buried, get it?) A feature on Comics Alliance brought in a ton of work and I have been sewing my little fingers to the bone. Watch out for more pictures this week!I’m also getting ready for Heroes Con in June and having a mild panic attack. While I’ve attended Heroes for several years, this will be my first year as a vendor. I’ve never done anything with this many people and I’m super excited. On that note, here is the first batch of little guys for the convention. Of course they’re plush zombies, silly. Mr. Skully Face Each one has little intestines that…

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    Watch Out, He-Man

    My first crafting day of 2011 was a fruitful one. I am now the proud mother of six little Skeletors. They kept my up all night with their plotting against He-Man and tried to sneak out after bedtime to attack Castle Grayskull. And they have faces only a mother could love. If you’d like to adopt one of your own, head over to the shop. Despite their evil inclinations, they’re quite cuddly.

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    A Small Infestation

    Guys, I think we have a little bat problem… I took a little break from comic character plush this weekend to make some little plush bats. (Although I still got all nerdy and named them after Batman characters. I have an illness.) I made four each of beige, brown and dark grey.Each one has a different cotton fabric for the wings. I have a big stash and I think these little guys are a good way to use up smaller bits. They’re only about 7″ tall (not including ears) so they don’t take much fabric and they’re wee enough to carry around. I actually carried one around in my purse…

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    Dolls, Dolls, Dolls

    I’ve been very busy making the next batch of dolls for the wonderful folks at Southern Fried Comics. Rorschach, Etrigan, and Ambush Bug made their retail debut on the website and a new batch is on the way for the store opening early next month. This set is comprised of: Squirrel Girl, flying in to save the day and steal your acorns. This is the first female character I’ve made multiples of. Her hair was a kind of a new process, but I think it turned out well. She’s based on the original design. A Skrull, in all it’s grumpy glory. The giant pointy ears are my favorite and now…