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    HeroesCon 2009

    Our annual nerd weekend has been and gone once again. (HeroesCon 2007 was my first official date with Bats.) I had a total blast. I didn’t buy much as I am sans a job, but bats insisted on buying me zombie comics and I got some good free stuff. I also got to meet some of the awesome guys at Studio Revolver, especially Tom Feister and Casey Edwards. Both fantastic, talented guys. I brought some of the comic plush with me and they were both a bit excited over them. Here’s Question hanging out with Cully Hamner, who is the artist for the Question comics running with Detective Comics. (Although…

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    It’s a Zombie Kind of Day

    So I had kind of an awesome today. This morning’s project is above, a little zombie dude. Why did I make a zombie, you may ask? Because I got to see this awesome gentlement this afternoon. That would George Romero, creater of the modern horror movie genre as we know it and director of many outstanding zombie movies. I’m still spazzing out a little. 😀

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    Little Etrigan may be a demon, but all he really wants is a hug. I modified the pattern I used for Bats, making the head a little bigger and adding demon features of course. He’s about 19″ tall and made of fleece with some felt details. This was originally going to be for sale, but I love him way too much. So this little fella is going to be my prototype and I’ll make a different one to sell. On the next one I’d like to use a more yellow fleece (this was all I had on hand) and make his horns a little smaller. Crap, now I’m thinking of…

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    You’re a Dollface

    I started these waaaaaay back in October, dolls of Bats and I. Between lots of more pressing projects they got sort of pushed aside, languishing in their undies. But I finally got around to making them decent. I’m so happy with the way they turned out (excuse the picture, the lighting was terrible but I was too excited to wait). Here is a picture of us for reference. Bats is about 19″ tall and I’m about 17″. I used lovely soft fleece and stuffed them loosely, so they’re kind of floppy and nice to cuddle. The arms are jointed and the legs are made so they can sit nicely. Bats…

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    Another Tutorial

    Wow, I am terrible at updating. (I think I smell a resolution.) To make up for it, here’s a tutorial!   You will need: -Wooden doll head (the kind with the flattened bottom). I used one with a diameter of about 2.5 inches, but you can scale up or down as you like. -Felt of fleece for the body plus scraps for clothes, tummies, etc -Acrylic paint -Paintbrush -Fine tip permaneant marker -Fabric marking tool -Stuffing -Matching thread -Sharp scissors -Hot glue gun -Sandpaper -Ribbon or small scale trim -2 pipe cleaners -Other bits for decoration (beads, ribbon roses, etc) Steps: 1. Lightly sand the wooden dolls head and wipe…

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    New Things

    One good thing about not updating for a long time, it means I have a lot to post once I do. I finished the aprons I was making. These were pretty much done, just some finishing touches. I got 5 more completed. These are super easy and don’t take more than a half yard on any of the pieces. The font and back are just fat quarter szed pieces with the tops two corners slightly tapered and the bottom two corners rounded. I make the ruffle by cutting two 5″ by 45″ strips, sewing them together and folding them in half along the width. I sew this with a basting…