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    Stitch Wars Strikes Back

    I am so freaking excited to be in my first ever gallery show, I feel like a real artist. Also there are some insanely awesome and talented people involved and my stuff gets to hang out near their stuff and be friends. Maybe our toys will have slumber parties. Stitch Wars opening night was this past Friday, August 12th. I really wish I could have made it, but Florida is a bit of a drive and as supportive as Bats is I don’t think he would have been down for a twelve hour trip. What a loser. I’ll just have to enjoy it through the magic of the internet. I…

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    For the Birds

    I’m taking a little non-embroidery themed interruption for a good cause. My lastest project is for a charity auction for Journey Towards Sustainability to pay for Eco-N-Motion  mobile education. The mobile classroom will travel to schools and other venues in the Charlotte area to teach kids about sustainability and the enviornment. The theme is based around birdhouses and I knew when I decided to participate that I wanted to make a cuddly tree friend similiar to this plush I made is 2008. I made a few updated and changes to the design and I am really happy with how it turned out. Birdie lives in his cute blue house, protected by Tree…

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    Embroidery 101: Supplies

    Embroidery is great for the newly crafty for a myriad of reasons, one being that it’s so easy and cheap to get started. There are very few materials needed and all are fairly inexpensive. Your most important tool is a good hoop. An embroidery hoop is actually made of two hoops, a solid inner one and an adjustable outer one. To use, lay your fabric (nice side facing you) over the top of the inner hoop. The outer hoop then goes over the fabric and inner hoop, trapping the fabric. Put the fabric taut and tighten the screw on the outer hoop to keep everything in place.Embroidery hoops are available…

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    Embroidery, Embroiderah!

    The January Make Out was an absolute blast and definitely something I’d love to do again. It was wonderful to see so many people invovled in and excited about a craft that I enjoy so much. But there is still so much to learn about embroidery that there just wasn’t enough time to go over. On that note, this month I’ll be posting some basics tips, tricks, and techniques. (Hopefully with videos if I can bribe my boyfriend into some cinemotgraphy.) While I’m plotting, I’d love to know if there are any specific questions that anyone would like answered about embroidery. Tools, techniques, how to do certain stitches and when to use them, transferring…

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    Poke Things with Needles!

    All this planning for the Crown Town Handmade Make Out at the end of the month has me reminiscing about previous embroidery projects. Let’s take a look, shall we? My little buddy Skeletor here is my most recent project. I have several sets of cloth napkins on clearance, I think at least one set is getting He-Manned. Little embroidered squirrely pins always brighten my day. Mitch O’Connell tattoo flash turned embroidery. Then there’s my eternal favorite, the Meme Quilt, internet memes meet embroidery. I could say something deep about the juxtaposition of technology and traditional hand crafts, but who am I kidding? I just wanted to make an adorable embroidered TubGirl.…

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    Crown Town Handmade January Make Out

    I mentioned starting to attend the Crown Town Handmade Make Out Sessions in the June recap post, and I’ve been going almost every month since then. We’ve made coasters, notebooks, mobiles, and done a zombie walk just to name a few. If you’re in the Charlotte area I would really recommend attending. Even if you don’t feel you have a ton of craft talent, the crafts are fairly simple and  it’s a great group. So obviously I’m incredibly excited to be hosting my very first Crown Town Make Out! I’ll be teaching basic embroidery skills and stitches and we’ll be making embroidered Valentines. I wanted to make the patterns available…

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    This Weekend’s Agenda

    This weekend I plan to… …make some skirts (with large doofy bow of course)… Rock out in my snazzy new boots… …and probably listen to some Queen. Sounds like a good weekend to me.

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    A Small Infestation

    Guys, I think we have a little bat problem… I took a little break from comic character plush this weekend to make some little plush bats. (Although I still got all nerdy and named them after Batman characters. I have an illness.) I made four each of beige, brown and dark grey.Each one has a different cotton fabric for the wings. I have a big stash and I think these little guys are a good way to use up smaller bits. They’re only about 7″ tall (not including ears) so they don’t take much fabric and they’re wee enough to carry around. I actually carried one around in my purse…

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    These are Mr X Stitch’s fault, mostly. He requested Keyboard Cat and it got my going again. I already had a bit of a list going, and darn if I didn’t get a few marked off. Two movies that make me giggle. (Also, come on, what red-blooded American girl doesn’t like a movie with 300 hot men in tiny leather undies?) And horror, the dreaded Tubgirl. Unlike 2 Girls/1 Cup, I was not fortunate enough to avoid this one. It was sprung on me by Bats, and I still agreed to date him. (Instead of the proper reaction, which would have been to beat him to death with my computer…