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    So only a week or so late with my Halloween post. Between the craft show and work, I didn’t get as much decorating done as I hoped, but there’s always next year. (I have ideas already.)I did get my styrofoam skulls settled in their new home, along with some plastic bug friends. I was also really happy with my costume, which I think I’ll be wearing to HeroesCon, much to Bats chagrin. (I wasn’t mad, just making a Baroness face). I made everything except the shirt and pants. My kneepads are two pieces of felt with silver vinyl cobras. I was really happy with how the chest plate came out.

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    Wee Little Gnomes

    Not sure why I felt the need to sew several families of teeny little gnomes, but here they are. These are rather easy to make. The head is just a circle of felt, gathered into a yo yo and stuffed. I traced the base of a spool of thread for the circle. I make french knots for the eyes before attaching the body to the head. The body is just a strip of felt, about 3/4″ wide 3″ long and tightly rolled and then stitched at the end. A tiny cone makes the hat and scraps of felt for the beard and belt. You can also make a tiny flower…

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    Styrofoam Skulls

    I made these little guys today. They’ll be going on a Halloween wreath I think. You’ll need: – Styrofoam balls (I used 3″, but you can use whatever size you like) – Butter knife – Pencil – White and black paint – Red sequins and pins – Paintbrush – Sandpaper Start by cutting a small slice off the bottom of the ball with your butter knife. Cut another slice parallel to your first, at about a 45 degree angle to the last, making the front and sides rounded and the back squared off. This makes your jaw line. Set the ball so it’s resting flat on the surface made by…

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    New Things

    One good thing about not updating for a long time, it means I have a lot to post once I do. I finished the aprons I was making. These were pretty much done, just some finishing touches. I got 5 more completed. These are super easy and don’t take more than a half yard on any of the pieces. The font and back are just fat quarter szed pieces with the tops two corners slightly tapered and the bottom two corners rounded. I make the ruffle by cutting two 5″ by 45″ strips, sewing them together and folding them in half along the width. I sew this with a basting…

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    So Unproductive

    Ok, too sick to take decent pictures. I’ll try and take some tomorrow (when I will hopefully have lots of lovely antibiotics to destroy the evil invaders). In the mean time…doodles!