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    MegaCon Casual Cosplay

    So I might be a little excited about meeting Christopher Lloyd at MegaCon. Like a little? My plan is a casual cosplay for every day of the show based on some of my favorite roles. Is anyone else a big fan and what are your favorite Christopher Lloyd chatacters? Anyone planning any cute casual cosplay for MegaCon?

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    New Goodies for SC Comicon

    Cute and cuddly kitty heads!  I really like how these little guys turned out. They’ll be available this weekend at SC Comicon and on my Etsy shop soon. I may also work on some more animals,  characters, and custom animals based on pets! (The last one because I want to see lots of cute pets!)

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    Back from Vacation!

    I’m back from vacation and back to work! Everything I had remaining after DragonCon has been inventoried and my Etsy shop is back up. If you’re looking for one of my stock characters and don’t see it, don’t worry! I ran out of a lot of characters at DragonCon, but I will be hard at work making more cuddly friends and restocking my Etsy shop as they’re completed. I already have one new character available.

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    Getting started with the second day of DragonCon! Come see me at BT22 in the Comics and Pop Artist Alley in the Hyatt.

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    Etsy Shop Update

    My Etsy shop is updated and restocked! If you missed something at Heroes or weren’t able to make it, you can still get your very own stuffs!

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    Shop Update

    If you weren’t able to make it to NC Comicin this past weeken but still want your own plush, have no fear! All unsold dolls have now been listed in the shop, hooray!

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    Sometimes I Am a Genius

    I can’t believe it took me this long to think of this, actually. I’ve mentioned that I frequently have to hem up skirts I get at the thrift store. Because everyone else is too tall and not because I am kind of short. Anyway, I got this adorable skirt over the weekend that was perfect except for being about a foot too long. The solution to what I could do with the extra fabric just popped into my head. The bottom hem leaves on side already finished. All I have to do is press and sew a small hem on the cut edge. I am entirely too satisfied with myself.