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Custom Order Update

I got so many fun custom orders and I’ve been sewing, sewing, sewing to get dolls done and to their new homes!

I’m finding that the rotation of sewing the conventions and then sewing custom orders is really good for me and helps me to not get burned out on doing either. Since I still work a full time job and I’m saving up to open my own store, I don’t give myself much break time. There’s a lot of difference between sewing batches of dolls I’ve made before for conventions and getting to sew all new characters. I find that both help me work on my creativity; whether it’s figuring out new patterns and ideas for custom orders or be excited about the batches of dolls I’m making for conventions. (What’s more fun than a giant pile of plush?) I also always end up getting a custom request for something I wanted to make already and I get all excited! I’ve had a couple of those kinds of orders so far, and I’m so happy with how they’re turning out.

Flame Princess! Adventure Time has so many great princess designs, and Flame Princess was definitely on my short list of the ones I wanted to make. (Along with Breakfast Princess and Dr. Princess!) I’m really pleased with the way her hair turned out.

I’ve been wanting to make a Bossk forever and I seriously wanted to keep this little guy. I was a little worried about getting his gross lizard face right, but I am so so happy with it. The modified head pattern worked on the first try and I always love it when that happens.

This is one that people have requested a lot, and is one of those non-cuddly characters that I love to make. Give Deadpool a snuggle!

Also, I got to make this little guy again.

Now onto more sewing!

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