Man Gifts – 3 of 3

Today is: Nesting

* A lot of guys seem to be t-shirt collectors. If he has some that he doesn’t wear, but just can’t part with make him a t-shirt quilt (Ask first, obviously.) If he doesn’t have enough for that, a few t-shirt throw pillows might be nice.

* Other types of blankets make great gifts too. I made this Batman themed quilt for Bats last year. You can also make a fleece tie blanket, but I kind of prefer sewing the two pieces together instead. Just sew the pieces together and turn right side out and add some topstitching an inch or two in. This method also gives you the option on using fabrics that don’t work well for tie blankets like flannel, cotton, or fake fur. You can also add binding. Heather Bailey has an awesome tutorial for continuous quilt binding.

* Pillowcases are another easy and sweet project. You can make your own with this tutorial. Creature Comforts also has free download for a spiffy two pillow iron-on transfer. The two pillow/one picture thing could be a really neat idea to play with.

* Make some Warhol-esque art for him. Of if you’re feeling ambitious, get rasterbating!

* Does he need a snazzy place to chill? Head to the thrift shop and find a comfy chair to reupholster to fit his interests. The Cut Cloth blog has a primer for any beginners. If you’re not feeling that, how about a couple of bean bag chairs?

* I’ve had success with handmade plush including Zartan, Hellboy, and Harley Quinn. Check out Softie Making for tips and tricks. Revoluzzza shows us how to make a cute little monster plush that could easily be modified into an animal or robot. How about some sock buddies? If he’s stressed, there’s always the classic voodoo doll or dammit doll. These can of course be modified to look like the source of his annoyance (lazy coworkers, political figures, incompetent management, etc).

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