Con Plush

These are some of the plush that are available at conventions and on my Etsy shop. Check out the About page for more information on these little guys and the Buy page for details on where to get them.


  1. David Theobald says:

    I got a Roadblock from you in line at the gi JoeCon 2013 in Indianapolis. I so love him. When I looked through your plush gallery I saw some other people you made that I would love town. I realize you aren’t taking custom orders now but are these dolls in the gallery for sale at all?

    • HandmadeStuffs says:

      Hi David!
      I’m so glad to hear Roadblock is getting some love! A lot of the dolls in the gallery are custom orders, but I have a bunch of dolls in stock as well. Were there some in particular you were thinking about?

      • David Theobald says:

        Loving the Doom Patrol (made their pic my wallpaper) and have been salivating over them! Baroness and Destro really excite me too!

  2. Adrianna Tralongo says:

    I saw your stand at HeroCon 2013, but was too late to snag a Han Solo, whenever you get more in stock, DIBS! 🙂

  3. Jason says:

    Love to have she a for my baby girl. I sent an email to you a well

  4. Yonnie Childers says:

    My daughter saw your work at Dragon Con and wanted a David Tennant doll. Will you have any for X mas?

    • HandmadeStuffs says:

      Hi Yonnie! I won’t have any more in time for Christmas, sorry! I will be making some more next year for conventions though and listing some in my Etsy shop.

  5. Mallory says:

    I LOVE the hellboy and Harley Quinn. Is there any way I could get my hands on them?

  6. Kathrine says:

    can we buy them here on the website

  7. Hanna H Bailey says:

    Was wondering if you might have a Jorah stuffie from Game of Thrones at DragonCon this coming weekend.

    Thank you!!

    • HandmadeStuffs says:

      Unfortunately no, sorry. You can always request one as a custom order. Check out the “Custom Plush” tab at the top for more info. Thanks!

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