Conventions and Shows,  Plush


It’s just under a month until Heroes Con in Charlotte,  my first show of the year. I can’t even wait!
I’ve finished all the 18″ plush I wanted to have done for the show, and several more characters than I had originally planned. Very productive! In the time left, I’ve been working on pony plush. Actually,  trying to work on them. My embroidery machine decided it didn’t want to work properly.  While I wait for it to get fixed, I’ve been keeping myself busy with little plush as well as trying to get as much done on the ponies as I can, mostly manes and tails.

I managed to get a few ponies done
Little stuff!
Not being very helpful
Not at all helpful

Once everything is complete, I’ll be doing a roundup of all of the plush I’ll be offering this year. Watch for that and hopefully some videos if I can convince my boyfriend to help me after the last disastrous attempt. (I am occasionally too awkward to function like a normal human.)

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