Sometimes I Am a Genius

I can’t believe it took me this long to think of this, actually. I’ve mentioned that I frequently have to hem up skirts I get at the thrift store. Because everyone else is too tall and not because I am kind of short. Anyway, I got this adorable skirt over the weekend that was perfect except for being about a foot too long. The solution to what I could do with the extra fabric just popped into my head.
The bottom hem leaves on side already finished. All I have to do is press and sew a small hem on the cut edge.

I am entirely too satisfied with myself.


  1. freeda says:

    Dude, I JUST did that with a thrifted dress the day before yesterday, only I made the top part into a looped scarf and left the skirt length! (I hate my fat knees. Yay us!!!!

  2. Heidi says:

    I oooooo'd out loud. You ARE a genius.


    Everything, down to the color of your shirt.


  3. Kittyzilla says:

    Freeda – Is it not awesome to spend like $2 on a skirt or dress and get multiple items of clothing?

    Heidi – Thank you! I just threw the scarf on over what I was wearing for the picture, but I do like the yellow with the navy!

  4. Vanessa* says:

    Where the hell are you thrifting and finding awesome anchor print skirts!? Where I ask you! P.S. Yay! I found your blog! So glad to see someone else in town doing a craftshion blog (craft/fashion) I totally thought I was the only one! See you soon!

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