Sssseasonssss Greetingssss!

Greetingsss! It isss I, the great Cobra Commander! I have taken over the Handmade SSStuffsss blog usssing my amazing technological ssskillsss to bring you thisss messssssage. It isss imperative that you go to thisss Ebay auction and bid on my adorable plusssh likenessss. All the money will go to building a new Weather Dominator….I mean Toysss for Totsss. You can alssso probably ussse hisss sssuperior cutenessss to take over the world or sssomething.



  1. Cinderelish says:

    Thissss isss Fabuloussss!

  2. Kittyzilla says:

    Thanksss sssso much!
    (This is potentially the most annoying way to talk ever.)

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