Studio Revamp!

New year, new craft room! I wanted to get the room really pleasant and functional for the new year before I get into convention sewing. It’s much easier to be productive and creative in a clean and organized space!

I was planning to take some “before” pictures, but I got a little excited to get started. So here’s a little floor plan instead. The window in the upper left was blocked by my small work table. The room I have is fairly large, about 13′ by 11′, but everything was against the wall and the center was not being used.


I am so much happier with the new layout!


The photo below is looking pretty much straight ahead when standing in the doorway. I moved my large fabric storage to the opposite side of the room and used it to create a little “wall”. My room is supposed to be the master bedroom. Since the room we use as the bedroom now is small I need to keep all my clothing in my studio. Moving the fabric storage utilizes the space in the center of the room and creates two areas, one for dressing and one for working. Since the back side of my fabric isn’t pretty to look at, I added a curtain to hide it. I’m also planning to add some adhesive hooks to the end of the fabric storage to hang my purse and outfit for the next day.

(The color on the next picture is the most accurate.) This is looking more into the dressing area. I got a lamp to add a little light for dressing and applying make-up. My shoes are tucked back in the corner.

The craft area is to the back of the room. I have a huge desk as well as a smaller table for my embroidery machine. (My embroidery machine plugs into my laptop, so I need to keep it close to the desk.) I added a curtain to each of my work tables to hide some of the storage underneath. This room is not only a craft studio and dressing area, but also serves as a guest room. The curtain makes everything look tidier for guests. The curtains are attached with hook and loop tape, so they’re easy to remove for washing.

Moving my fabric storage also gave me the wall space to eventually add a storage rack for my embroidery thread. There’s a good amount of space over my embroidery machine, (on the left in this picture). Currently it’s all sitting in a basket, which makes it really hard to find the colors I need. I am going to have way too much fun making a thread rainbow on the wall.

This is looking more the right. Hey, there’s a window there! Both the window and the bottom portion of my storage tower are now accessible! (Those AT-ATs are going to eventually be end tables, by the way.)

Turning more, her’s the other side of my fabric storage. Everything is accessible, hooray!

I am so pleased with how the room has turned out! I still have a few little projects to finish, but I think this will be much more functional and efficient.

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