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Wilson’s World and Legends of Tomorrow


Somebody was silly enough to let me on television this morning! I got to talk about Handmade Stuffs on Wilson’s World at Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find during Fox News Rising. Hanging out with all these fabulous nerds was pretty much worth having to get up super early this morning.

You can check out the video here to see me and my stuffs as well as some cute mini cosplayers, the lowdown on Charlotte MiniCon, a rare appearance by Charlotte’s very own super hero, and a rockstar sighting in the background.





HeroesCon 2015 Wrap Up!

HeroesCon 2015 wrap up!

On Friday we had our adorable niece with us. She went to HeroesCon when she was about five and was a bit overwhelmed, but she had a lot of fun this time. (As well as used her cuteness to finagle a plush out of me before heading home.)


There were lots of awesome cosplayers!






There is so much amazing artwork to be had at HeroesCon, so there was no way I was leaving without some. I totally need it because I have so much wall space! That was sarcasm, I have no wall space. I have negative wall space. This did not stop me from buying things, because LOOK!


“B is for Butts” and “Witness Me” are from my HeroesCon neighbor, Cassie Hart Kelly. (Her artwork is as cute as her daughter, who was rampaging about in a teeny dino outfit all weekend.) The “Witness Me” has about ten different nerd references. Aside from the obvious ones, every weapon is from something geeky, from Star Wars to Star Trek to Ninja Turtles. The strangely inspiration print at the top is from Erin Gladstone, who also makes adorable artwork with rude little foxes.


I couldn’t resist these cutie cute stickers from Cara McGee. She also draws punk rock versions of superheroes and makes lovely tea blends inspired by nerdy stuff. (Definitely check it out if you’re a tea drinker.)


My dumb fiance who wasn’t supposed to buy me anything also surprised me with this freaking ADORABLE Nux commission by Irene Strychalski. (Do you get the feeling I like Nux?) Her artwork is so lovely and I LOVE her coloring style.


A good chunk of Sunday was spent with my bestie, who is probably the cutest person. She also makes the cutest things, like the Gunther brooch and Ice King inspired crown she’s wearing here. Check out more of her cute outfits and handmade jewelry.

Plus Babs Tarr liked my Batgirl plush, which makes me dance in a little circle.


Now back to sewing! I’m working on some new smaller items as well as a few new characters in the standard sized plush for DragonCon, Baltimore Comicon, and NC Comicon.


HeroesCon 2015!

HEROESCON facebook banner



It’s that time of year again, HeroesCon! This was the first convention I went to,  as well as my first official date with my fiancé. (Duh, we’re nerds!) It was also the first convention where I started selling my plush, so it’s pretty special to me. On top of that, HeroesCon is just a really fun show with a great atmosphere. It’s almost exclusively focused on comics and art, something different from most shows where the focus is more on sci-fi or pop culture. Alright, I’m gushing a bit. Check out my Con Plush gallery to see some of what I’ll have available and I hope to see you there!

HeroesCon 2014

HeroesCon 2014 is finished and I want to send out a huge thank you for making it such a gigantic success! Over 100 of my stuffs went to new homes and I had an absolutely amazing time talking to new and old friends, checking out other artists, and enjoying the nerdiness. It was a great way to start off my first convention season doing Handmade Stuffs full time and I’m so excited for what the future holds. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to table, made a purchase, or helped spread the word about my stuffs. Thank you also to HeroesCon for putting on another great show; they work super hard and it shows. Also check out my super sweet table neighbor, Shea Standefer. Now I better get to work restocking for Dragon*Con and NC Comicon!

HeroesCon 2014

Eek, HeroesCon is just over two weeks away and I seriously can not wait! I’m working my little fingers to the bone to get some final cuddly friends finished up and I’ll be doing a roundup of all the cuties I’ll have available to purchase.

If you’re going to be at Heroes, check out the map below for where to find me and visit their site to check out all the other talented artists and fun vendors you can find there. Hope to see you there!





If you can’t make it to HeroesCon but still want a stuffs of your own, check out my Etsy shop!

Crafting in a Winter Wonderland

I was so lucky to find an amazingly fun craft group when I moved to Charlotte, Crown Town Handmade. The free monthly craft workshops are always a great way to unwind and chat with other crafters. For our holiday craft workshop last night I taught a class on little felt ornaments. Here’s what I made, a teeny tacky Christmas sweater!

Felt is fun for accomplished crafters and beginners. It’s inexpensive and easy to find at almost every craft or fabric store, as well as easy to work with since it doesn’t fray when cut. I love all the beautiful colors, patterns, and textures available.

Other than felt, all you’ll need for this craft is:

  • Pattern template or thin cardboard to make your own design
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Thread in colors to match your felt
  • Ribbon or cord
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • A little bit of stuffing
  • Decorations like beads, pom poms, ric rac, sequins, jingle bells, etc
  • Fabric glue (optional)

I made some templates for several different Christmas and wintery things. There’s a reindeer, an elf, a snowman, stocking, two different ornament shapes, and a little sweater.




Print out the templates provided or draw your own on thin cardboard or cardstock. (Cereal boxes work great.) Trace your template pieces onto felt and carefully cut them out. Try to cut inside the traced line so you don’t have pen marks on your finished piece. Sew any overlapping pieces together first, making sure the pieces are lined up the same on the front and back. If you’re not familiar with hand sewing, Alice Merlino at FutureGirl has some great tutorials on how to do a whip stitch and blanket stitch. Read about the selecting which to use here.

Decorate the pieces how you like with trim, sequins, pom poms, or whatever you like. This is a great project to use up little odds and ends left over from other projects. Be careful not to get too close to the edge since you’ll need space to sew.

Once you’re done decorating, put the two pieces together with pretty sides out. Sew around the perimeter as indicated. If you want to stuff the ornament, leave a small gap to insert the stuffing before finishing sewing around. (A chopstick works well for pushing stuffing into little spaces.) Sew a ribbon or cord in place at the top of the ornament for hanging.

These also make cute additions to wrapped presents or can be sized up to make cute little sachets or stocking stuffers. You could also make these into pins, keychains, or attach them to headbands.

Please send me pictures if you make one, I’d love to see it!


HeroesCon 2013 Offerings



For anyone looking to plan their shopping at HeroesCon, here’s a full list of what I’ll have available for the 18″ dolls. These are mostly $40 each, but a few may be a little more due to the amount of detail. I’ll also have several smaller plush in the $5-15 range as well as necklaces and hair bows. If you’re not able to make it to HeroesCon, I’ll be listing the remaining dolls in my Etsy shop next week.

Princess Bubblegum
Harley Quinn
11th Doctor
10th Doctor
Weeping Angel
Destro (Regular)
Storm Shadow
Cobra Troopers
Destro (Gold)
Snake Eyes
Harry Potter
House Elves
Capt Kirk
Han Solo
Ninja Turtles
Mr. T





HeroesCon is less than two weeks away, hooray! If you’re going to be in the Charlotte, NC area June 7-9 come by and see me and my stuffs in person. I’m at table AA-924 in Artists Alley, waaaaaaay in the back next to Indie Island. The con is going to be twice as big as last year with panels, live entertainment, lots of great guests, and nerdy crap galore!

As for Handmade Stuffs, I’m going to be offering over forty different cuddly characters for you to snuggle. I’ll also have smaller plush, necklaces, hairbows, and other goodies. Maybe I’ll be doing a giveaway. You’ll have to come visit to find out!