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Patreon Updates



The small item for this month is all finished! Show your Halloween spirit with a creepy cute set if buttons. I saw the most amazing jack-o-lantern vest while thrift shopping with a friend last week and it was a great inspiration. Carving pumpkins and roasting the seeds is one of my favorite Halloween activities and seeing spooky jack-o-lantern faces glowing in the darkness always puts me in the Halloween spirit.


The same designs were used to create a set of five festive coloring pages. These are available for download to the $5 tier and up on my Patreon. If anyone colors them in I’d love to see the finished result


Jericho had a fun day at the pumpkin patch! There were so many interesting and beautiful pumpkins to see. He liked the big, round, white ones the best because they remind him of the moon.

If you’re interested in any of these goodies, check out my patreon! I’m already brainstorming some fun things for next month!

Patreon Announcement


Eek, I’m so excited! After a lot of thought and fiddling, my Patreon is up! I’ll have special plush and other goodies available every month as well as tutorials, polls, exclusive artwork and pictures, and more! Check out the cuddly friends for this month, Jericho the Werewolf and Mog the Bat.


I did a little poll on the my social media accounts about which monster people most wanted to see and “werewolf” was the overall winner. So here’s Jericho! This cuddly little guy stands about 16″ tall (plus his ears). He’s the first plush I’ve made with articulation at the hips as well as the shoulders and neck. His fur is super soft and has an amazing texture. Jericho is all set for autumn with his flannel plaid neckerchief.


Mog is about 10″ tall including his ears. I love his color combo of purple, orange, and black. The skeleton fabric lining his ears and wings is amazing and glows in the dark!

Please feel free to tag or share this post with any friends you think would be interested. Thank you so much everyone!