The Way Things Were

So I’m glomping days 7 through 9 together for two reasons. The first is that I am kind of behind because I suck at blogging. The second is that they all have something in common, which is that each outfit features a thrfited and altered skirt.
Because I have a rather small waist and what I will affectionately refer to as “birthin’ hips”, it is an absolute pain to find bottoms. I pretty predominately wear skirts because they are much easier to fit, alter, and when I try them on at the thrift store this is less potential for flashing and therefore less creepy dudes pretending they are deeply interested in the rack of blouses behind me. (My favorite thrift store lacks dressing rooms, which means trying things on under skirts in the aisle. Let no one say I lack class.) These were all skirts that I loved but didn’t exactly fit. However, for $2 I am willing to make things fit.

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